Dre Brack
Dre Brack

Squat: 465 lbs

Clean & Jerk: 275 lbs

Deadlift: 500 lbs

Snatch: 245 lbs

Fran: 3:10


CrossFit Level 1 certification

CrossFit Level 2 certification

Head Coach

Dre Brack

About Coach

I started CrossFit in 2011 after graduating from the police academy. Shift work forced me to find a fitness program that was effective but did not require hours in the gym. CrossFit was that fitness program. I obtained by CrossFit Level 1 certification in April of 2014, then my CrossFit Level 2 Certification in April 2016. I opened my CrossFit Affiliate in October of 2018.

Turning Point

I coached CrossFit classes in my garage after work. The day I looked up and I realized there were over 10 people inside my tiny garage, I knew it was time to open up a CrossFit gym.

Motivation & Passion

I absolutely love coaching our athletes. I believe if you can make an individual confident inside of the gym, that confidence will bleed into all aspects their life. Throughout my time as a CrossFit coach, I have been a part of journey that include athletes losing 50 lbs. or regaining the ability to squat again.